The Bench Cushion Dilemma

The bench cushion style (aka one seat cushion) has been one of the most popular looks that the market has shown in the last few years.  The dynamic style gives a transitional lifestyle feel that many find enticing. This look allows for a smaller sofa to seem larger and more fashionable.  A great idea for lounging or napping.  

All the above caused us to think long and hard about adding a custom bench cushion option to our online offering.  There is no doubt the demand for this cushion type is out there.  The sleek modern styling is right on target for todays home. 
Our apprehension lay in the fact that so many people love this look, yet do not realize the care and conditioning that this cushion type requires.  These long bench cushions do not wear uniformly like a traditional 3 cushion set up or 2 cushion set up.  This being the case many of the bench cushions will "puddle" or "wrinkle" like in the picture below.

This is due to the amount of fabric that is used to create the cushion, the lack of care for such a large cushion, and the sporadic seating when using the sofa.  All these factored in to our pros and cons when deciding.  We found that informing our clients of these pros and cons in the beginning didn't make a difference in their decision of this style.  Thus we introduced the Clayton & The Beaufort and the bench cushion is now a staple in the Austin Ann catalog.  With our 8-way hand-tied, solid maple frame construction, you will not find a better made piece of furniture for the prices that we provide
We like to think that people want high quality but they don't want to break the bank to get it.  With the new bench cushion style, we still provide the highest quality for the best prices you can get in 8-way, solid wood upholstery.  Bench Cushion dilemma?  Not for us!  We love the style and want you to love the quality.  Transparency is our best option for the future trust of our customers!