The Austin Ann Way

  • Quality
  • Custom Designer Styled
  • Easy Ordering
  • Hassle Free Home Delivery

These are the cornerstones of our company. Austin Ann is the brainchild of a North Carolina family with deep roots to the home furnishings industry. Our years of experience and knowledge of products and craftsmanship, have allowed us to develop a designer quality upholstery line that we have made easily accessible to everyone.

In the past, designer quality upholstery has been unattainable for the average consumer. Traditional retail environments do not always offer a well-trained sales staff or in house designers.

It is important to understand what you are buying and at Austin Ann we have already done that homework for you! We have collaborated with the most skilled upholstery craftsmen in the world to create a line of high end pieces that is truly exceptional. With cutting edge designs, exceptional prices, superior quality, hassle free delivery and high performance fabrics what more could the distinguished furniture lover ask for?

Before starting Austin Ann, we would constantly have friends, family, and acquaintances asking for advice on where to get high quality furniture. We have always obliged them by helping to find them the best possible furniture to fit their style and budget. We watched in amazement as the industry grew and changed to the point that many people were buying their furniture online rather than the traditional brick and mortar stores. We wanted to be able to offer our professional expertise to help as many people as we possibly could. That is why we decided to start Austin Ann! Through the power of the internet we can now help many more people to buy high quality heirloom furniture and trust they are getting exactly that!

Austin Ann Goals

  • Easy Customization
  • Simple Ordering Process
  • High Performance Fabrics
  • Educating the Consumer

If you have been looking for quality designer upholstery, great prices, high performance fabrics, timely free white glove delivery and a gold standard buying experience, come with us…..

Explore the world of Austin Ann… the journey starts now!


Made in the Furniture Capital of the World – North Carolina!

We utilize two types of cushions. The first is called a ‘crown plush cushion’ and the other a ‘comfort down cushion’ see both pictured below. View our FAQ for more cushion details.

Each of our pieces are hand cut, sewn, and upholstered by the finest craftsmen in the world right in the foothills of the blue ridge mountains here in beautiful North Carolina! We don’t use automated cutters or routers instead we make the furniture the way it’s supposed to be made – by hand.