Warranty and Return Policy

We make the finest designer quality upholstery and each of our pieces is handmade to order specifically for you. 


  • Should you want to return your piece of furniture you have 30 days from the date of delivery to start the return process. Email Support@AustinAnn.com to initiate this process.
  • A 10% return fee will be charged on all returned items.
  • Only one return per household is allowed.
  • Once the furniture is returned we will inspect it thoroughly to insure no damage has occurred during shipping and the piece remains in good condition.
  • We cannot accept returns on any items that have been damaged, abused, soiled, or subjected to smoke.
  • If exchanging for a new piece of furniture, the new piece will be the final sale and not subject to return.
  • Should there be a manufacturing defect or shipping damage (see shipping damage policy above) we will make every effort to repair the piece to its original condition when it left the factory before submitting a refund or replacement order.
  • We cannot accept returns on pieces that we are unable to deliver due to size issues. (Example: the sofa will not fit into your home or room.)
  • All COM orders are not subject to return.
  • All off site custom pieces are not subject to return
  • No returns on pieces that have been altered in any way after delivery.
  • Should the piece be designated as unrepairable by an Austin Ann approved expert, we will issue a full refund or replacement and we will facilitate the product being shipped back to our factory and a replacement order will be entered immediately at your approval.
  • Should you refuse Delivery you will be charged a 10% return fee. Any damages to the piece upon return will be the customers responsibility.
  • Email support@AustinAnn.com to discuss. 

Limited Warranty.  A lifetime limited warranty is provided on all furniture frames and spring systems as it relates to chairs, sofas, sectionals, and ottomans to be free from manufacturing defects for the life of the product and applied for the original purchaser of the furniture. Lifetime refers to the normal use of the furniture. All frames and spring systems, including joints, bases, and hardware are under warranty to be free from manufacturing defects for the useful life of the product. Austin Ann will pay labor rates from local experts to inspect the furniture and validate any supposed manufacturing defects. Austin Ann will then pay labor rates from local experts to repair or replace the defective parts and all related shipping costs from the customer to the repair center designated by Austin Ann at no charge to the original purchaser. 

This limited Furniture warranty does not cover the following: Cushion or Foam core of the seating.  Comfort Preference.  Physical abuse, damage, or alteration to the structure and/or material of the furniture, including but not limited to, dents, nicks, stains, or disassembly services; provided that the defect is caused by such abuse or damage. A normal softening and flattening of the cushion foam and fibers, which is considered normal wear, and not defective.  Replacement of defective components. (Example: the defective component will be replaced not the entire piece of furniture.)  Any furniture sold by resellers who are not authorized by Austin Ann.  Products sold in “distressed” or as “second” hand or floor samples or any other similar wording that indicates not new, or previously owned by another consumer.  In the event of a Defect, Austin Ann will work to remedy under this limited warranty a repair or replacement provided that you have met the responsibilities as stated below.